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Modern office building with striking brick façade.

The renowned office of Giorgio Gullotta Architekten combines North German clinker brick architecture with contemporary design. The elegant shades of grey and vibrant red, the vertical window structure and clever lighting effects give the Schanzenlofts a unique aura. In the midst of the dynamic changes taking place in major European cities, a new architectural jewel is rising up at Lippmannstrasse 8 in Hamburg: the Schanzenlofts. These two office buildings, created under the direction of the renowned firm Giorgio Gullotta Architekten, present themselves as an impressive homage to classic North German clinker brick architecture while at the same time bearing an unmistakable modern touch.

What particularly characterises the Schanzenlofts is their impressive brick façade. Giorgio Gullotta Architects, known for their creative use of materials, opted for a sophisticated selection of bricks in various shades of colour. The front building impresses with a subtle colour scheme, using a dark grey brick in the single-storey plinth area and a light grey brick in the office floors above. This colour scheme gives the building an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

Wittmunder Klinker - Schanzenlofts Hamburg - Logo
Der Eingang zu Hinterhof und Hinterhaus

Was die Schanzenlofts besonders auszeichnet, ist ihre beeindruckende Backsteinfassade. Das Büro Giorgio Gullotta Architekten, bekannt für seine kreative Verwendung von Materialien, setzte hier auf eine raffinierte Auswahl an Backsteinen in verschiedenen Farbnuancen.

Wittmunder Klinker - Schanzenlofts Hamburg - Eingang

However, it is not only the colour scheme that fascinates, but also the structure of the facade. The carefully positioned windows follow a clear vertical structure and are further accentuated by recessed mouldings. This skilful arrangement gives the facade a lively dynamic and plays with light and shadow, giving the building a unique radiance.

Wittmunder Klinker - Schanzenlofts Hamburg - Front

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Important visual accents

The overall impression of grading no. 198.20 depends on the other elements of the facade. These include joint colour, window frames, railings, etc., which set important visual accents.

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