Architectural accents 
with shaped bricks

Formsteine Wittmunder Klinker

Our shaped bricks offer solutions for special structural requirements and aesthetic wishes. They are ideal for emphasising architectural details or integrating functional elements such as window sills and lintels.

Wittmunder Klinker - Formsteine - Pfarrheim St. Johan Baptist

Individual Shaped Bricks

Shaped Bricks not only set architectural accents, but also fulfil important constructive functions by influencing the architecture with angles, chamfered or rounded corners. Initially, any shape is conceivable for the decorative design of the facade. In close co-operation with our customers, we check the feasibility of these individual shapes.


For example, a clinker brick curtain was created for the Astor Filmlounge/Hotel One in Hamburg, or a very special facade look with a diamond structure for the parish hall in Refrath. Thanks to our shaped bricks, your projects seem to be set in motion. This is also demonstrated by the construction of the neighbourhood on Heidestrasse in Berlin, where a lively mix of residential and office buildings, commercial space and public streets and squares is being created.

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Wittmunder Klinker Astor Film Lounge Formsteine Front
Wittmunder Klinker Astor Film Lounge Formsteine Nah
Wittmunder Klinker - Herstellung
Wittmunder Klinker - Herstellung - Handfertigung


Our shaped bricks undergo the same manufacturing process and are made from the same material as our facing clinker bricks. This means that they are manufactured by hand. Only the mouthpiece presses the mass into the individual mould. There are therefore no upper or lower limits to the number of pieces.

The moulds that shape the raw material into the desired form are created in our own metal workshop. This results in prototypes that are jointly harmonised and perfected for the respective building project. While some moulded tiles are mainly decorative in nature for the design of cornices or lintels, others focus on practical applications.

We would be happy to work with you to create the right shaped bricks for your project!