All our facing clinker bricks are also available as brick slips to open up a new dimension of quality and individuality to your design options. This expansion of our range allows you to utilise the unique beauty and durability of our clinker products in even more versatile areas of application.

Flexibility and durability

The conversion of facing clinker bricks into the format of brick slips not only opens up new design possibilities, but also ensures easy processing and installation. Ideal for renovations or new builds, our clinker brick slips offer a durable and low-maintenance solution that fulfils the aesthetic and functional requirements of modern architecture.

Wittmunder Klinker Klinkerriemchen in der Schweiz
Wittmunder Klinker Klinkerriemchen Schweit Buelach

All facing clinker bricks also available as brick slips!

Get an overall impression of our range on the overview page of our facing clinker bricks. All Wittmund facing clinker bricks are also available as brick slips on request.

All clinker bricks

Our brick slips can be produced from a thickness of 15 mm up to 45 mm.

Other thicknesses / formats and special parts on request

Läuferriemchen Wittmunder Klinker

Runner slats

Kopfvollsteinwinkelriemchen 2 Wittmunder Klinker

Head solid brick angle 2 (depth 240mm)

Winkelriemchen Wittmunder Klinker

Angled apron

Kopfvollsteinwinkelriemchen 1 Wittmunder Klinker

Head solid brick angle 1 (depth 115mm)

Vollsteinwinkelriemchen Läuferwinkel Wittmunder Klinker

Slider solid brick angle apron


Scheibe Riemchen


Kopfriemchen Wittmunder Klinker

Head strap

The brick slips and special parts shown can be produced in many different formats.

Riemchenfassade mit Relief

Slip facade with relief

15mm and 35mm thick brick slips alternating

We would be happy to work with you to create the right brick slips for your project!