Original Wittmunder Klinker  
a stone like no other.

Wittmunder Klinker - Haus am Deich

It is unique. Its special way of production is centuries old. Its home in East Frisia: the "Original Wittmunder Klinker" is produced in Neuschoo in the district of Wittmund. And has been since 1860.

Wittmunder Klinker Verblendklinker gestapelt
Wittmunder Klinker Verblendklinker gestapelt nah

East Frisian identity in stone.

The "Original Wittmund Klinker" is a very special type of brick. With rough edges, sometimes rugged, sometimes rough, robust, unyielding, rustic and authentic. Always strong in character and direct. It is an expression of East Frisian identity in stone - clinker brick for clinker brick.

The highest standards of sustainability, lasting value and aesthetics combined.

With an unmistakable combination of natural raw materials, traditional manufacturing processes and countless selection options, it gives every facade, every paving and every project a very individual and at the same time characterful expression. The "Original Wittmunder Klinker" combines the highest standards of sustainability, lasting value and aesthetics.

Wuttkeringhof Inklusionhotel - Wittmunder Klinker - Steine
Wittmunder Klinker Lagerhalle
Wittmunder Klinker Ton

Our clinker bricks are fired completely without chemical additives and engobes. Our list of ingredients includes East Frisian meadow loam, clay and sand, 100% natural. Each of our assortments is put together individually and hand-sorted.

Wittmund Klinker - traditionally fired longevity.

"Original Wittmunder Klinker" are bricks with personality. Traditionally fired at 1200 degrees in the brickworks manufactory - this gives them their extraordinary strength of character: they are particularly hard-wearing, weather and frost-resistant and are characterised by their high compressive strength. This makes them a symbol of longevity and durability.

Wittmunder Klinker Ofenfuhre