Of course, we are at your side with advice, construction instruction and project support when working with Wittmunder Klinker. We have also compiled further useful information, including download options, for you here.


Wittmunder Klinker - Booklet References & Products

Booklet References & Products

Our booklet offers you an insight into the product world of Wittmunder Klinker, which contains numerous different assortments as well as several reference examples.

Wittmunder Klinker - Paving clinker brochure

Paving clinker brochure

Our paving clinker brochure offers you a compact overview of the Wittmunder Klinker paving clinker programme, which contains numerous different grades as well as a number of illustrative reference examples.

Klinkerriemchen Wittmunder Klinker

Riemchen | Klinkerriemchen Broschüre

Einen hilfreichen Überblick über das Riemchenprogramm von Wittmunder Klinker bietet Ihnen unsere Riemchenbroschüre. Neben einer großen Anzahl von unterschiedlichen Sortierungen enthält die Broschüre auch etliche anschauliche Referenzbeispiele.

Wittmunder Klinker - Facing brickwork brochure

Facing brickwork brochure

The Initiative Bauen mit Backstein - Zweischalige Wand Marketing (whose members include Wittmunder Klinker) has thoroughly revised the content and appearance of its facing brickwork brochure, which is popular with builders and architects alike. The new brochure explains the principle of the double-skin wall and the advantages of building with brick in easy-to-understand language.


Wittmunder Klinker - Shaping Bricks

Shaping Bricks

In addition to our manual sorting, we are also happy to offer you individual moulded bricks. Customised products in a wide variety of shapes are easily possible. We can provide you with a template with rounded and bevelled shaped bricks.

Wittmunder Klinker - Masonry bracing

Masonry bracing

The masonry bond contributes to a large extent to the appearance of a facade. Whether wild, Gothic, Dutch, Silesian, Markish or Flemish - every bond has its own charm.

Here you can download an overview of various brickwork dressings.