Wittmunder Klinker

A flair for detail.

A feel for detail is an indispensable characteristic of outstanding architecture. As are quality craftsmanship and creative independence. It is precisely these values that characterise our clinker bricks.

Wittmunder Klinker in der Produktion
Wittmunder Klinker
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The classic from Ostfriesland.

It all began over 100 years ago. Back then, Klinkerwerke Wittmund was the first to manufacture a product that still stands for lasting value, tradition and quality like no other: clinker bricks / peat-fired clinker bricks for building and paving. An East Frisian classic, born in the fire of the kiln. The Wittmunder Klinker!

Every clinker brick is unique. Each sorting is unique in its own way. And that's how it has remained to this day. Because the production process is based on a tradition that has been cultivated by generations of master brickmakers. Because Wittmunder Klinker is one of the last brickworks to work without chemical additives and engobes. Because all colours are created solely through the hard firing process.

Elsewhere, waves of takeovers and mergers are washing away long-established branches of industry, but Wittmunder Manufaktur is still family-owned. Our customers know that they are getting hand-sorted clinker bricks "Made in Germany".

Tradition and innovation - it's the mix that makes Wittmunder Klinker.

The raw material for Wittmunder Klinker, clay, is extracted in the region. At the plant in Neuschoo, it is turned into clinker bricks that combine tradition and innovation. Experience is and remains an important company asset.

It takes a lot of experience to ignite exactly the right temperature for the clinker bricks. 1200 degrees is an extremely hard firing, which ensures minimal water absorption and high bulk densities in the kiln at our brickworks in Neuschoo, so that our clinker bricks last forever and look very good in the long term. Customised and naturally fired. We produce bricks with personality.

For the customer, however, Wittmunder Klinker are also an investment in a small eternity. And when he says after selecting the clinker bricks, "This is my own sorting!", it also makes us a little proud. Proud to manufacture an authentic product that has grown together with the region and yet - or precisely because of this - is in demand nationwide or even internationally. A product for creative planners and ambitious builders who want to build anything but zero-eight-fifteen architecture.

Wittmunder Klinker
Wittmunder Klinker
Wittmunder Klinker
Wittmunder Klinker

Wittmunder Klinker - a unique product.

The craft is currently experiencing a real renaissance. We are pleased about this because we have never worked differently in our brickworks. Wittmunder Klinker have always been produced by hand, and this will remain the case. We produce clinker bricks of outstanding quality. Clinkers that are unique in shape and colour. Clinkers that are individually sorted by hand after the firing process. With environmentally friendly production processes, we ensure that the impact on people and the environment is minimised.

Maximum customer satisfaction is always our guiding principle. We want to build lasting partnerships with our customers. And we want to remain the independent, family-run company that we have always been. The company that fulfils the highest demands with its unique clinker bricks.

We are the original! We are Wittmunder Klinker!