A lively meeting place in the heart of Huchting

The high, windowless portal with the main entrance on the busy street means that the parish hall is clearly visible. The parish church is located right next to the property, so that the parish and social work is closely linked to the activities in the church. The structure is formed by cubes that are staggered in height and create a characteristic and exciting composition. A dark, massively patterned clinker brick lends the building dignity and solidity. The materiality of the clinker brick façade is echoed in the wall surrounds of the property and the newly designed outdoor areas. The site, which houses the parish hall, the youth centre and a kindergarten, can thus be experienced as a "community campus" in the centre of the village.


Further information

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Architecture: KSV Krüger Schuberth Vandreike, Berlin
Client: Bremische evangelische Kirche
Photos: Jan Meier
Text: KSV Architekten

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