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New life in the heart of Carlstadt: green oasis creates biodiversity and coolness

For a residential neighbourhood in the dense Carlstadt district, the promise lies in the courtyard. While the baroque streets will remain without refreshing greenery in the future due to the design statutes, new trees are growing there. The replacement of the existing buildings and the construction of an underground car park will pave the way for this. A quiet inner courtyard lies on top of this, in which trees, plant beds and green plants grow up the courtyard walls as a contribution to biodiversity and urban ecology: evaporative cooling instead of a heat island.

While the front building is subject to strict design regulations, the courtyard house with its red bricks is reminiscent of the old coach house. Both here and in the front building, there are five spacious flats. They all have generous private outdoor space, some of which is spread over several terraces. The floor plans are mostly characterised by long sequences of rooms. Axially staggered passageways open up the rooms like enfilades. Long lines of sight are created within the flats, which convey a generous impression of space. The high-quality design and craftsmanship of the entrance areas and courtyard entrances in natural stone extends into the flats.

Used sorting

Wittmunder Klinker Sortierung 18 Verblendklinker

Important visual accents

The overall impression of grade no. 18 depends on the other elements of the facade. These include joint colour, window frames, railings, etc., which set important visual accents.

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